This ‘n That

Big weekend. Hubby and I did some projects together, some individually.

Cleaned the fish pond.

Put license plate collection up.

Moved barrels to open up squirrel hunting. Put down a trap.

Took time to appreciate the flowers. 

Check out curly.All the variations of the Four O’clock plant.. I’m in awe. The scent is pure perfume.

Frank found homes from our last excavation in the lava, bottles..mingled it in with rocks and metal.

Headlights, railroad rails, railroad ties, railroad spikes.

Shadow is keeping eye out for bunnies and squirrels.

Took a break inside to polish silver. $5 find, plated silver fruit bowl. 

Back outside, taking stock of drought victims.

Mosey back to worm bed. Admiring last week’s work.

Still thinking about making it deeper. I’ll probably go down to double the depth. Make it easier to turn the compost and have a lot of wonderful nutrient rich soil.

Last two projects of the weekend involve Flex Seal, in a can. This PVC pipe goes from the driveway to the garden beds. I don’t want to use pvc glue, because I can smell the glue, in the water, for over 6 week’s after application. I don’t want that in my soil or food.

Used green scrub to scratch up the pipe, for adhesion. The paint dries on the quick side, so I moved as quickly as I could. If the  lid is left off too long, it will form skim. 

The mess is easy clean up. Wipes right off my hands. Use mineral spirits to clean the brush. Easy.

24-48 hour cure. Will be safe for drinking.

The TV commercial for Flex Seal advertises that you can dip tool handles in for nice, smooth grip. Putting it to the test. 


Water, water, flower, and tree.

Mom got me a cool water hose.  It expands when it’s full of water, shrinks when water isn’t in it.

It’s a rather delicate tool.  Having broken one before, I decided to make a little bucket, to store it.


Safety razor blade, next to bucket.   Ready!

I used the razor blade to make one of the holes larger.  Cool.



I have a barrel on the garden patio, primarily to water the compost. Secondary to help with planting. I put a “bubbler” on the hose so I don’t have to hold the hose while the barrel fills.


Spearmint and tobacco plant, soaking in water before I transplant.


This is a resin cast squirrel. Damit was unclear about it.


Wore my grandmother’s hat!


Teeny flower. A few bloom.  Has a very short blooming period.



Barrel done!


Dang critters made a big hole in the area where logs are waiting to get split.


EWWWW! I hate having to do this! I filled the hole with dog poop. I strongly encourage the squirrels to relocate. Can’t argue with proven results.


Went to Oceanside later. These trees are in bloom.  Have no idea what it’s called.  Will upload the pics to an app, which will hopefully identify it.  Would like a couple on our property.


One flower pod.  Any ideas as to the name?

To be continued…