Digging Up the Pipeline

A garden needs water. I want to have the water on an automatic system in order to water the plants on migraine days and days when we are away from home.

The previous owner laid a line that goes from the patio/driveway area to the garden bed area. We had new water lines laid out last year – I can now merge those lines.

Trimmed some live oak in my way. That looks like a bush. It’s all clippings.

Came across some big rocks. Some weigh as much as 20 pounds. Good exercise for the day.


Checked on the drip system line on the north side of the property. Since I had my clippers with me, I trimmed a bit there too. The delicate flowering tree to the right of the bridge.

To be continued..


This ‘n That

Big weekend. Hubby and I did some projects together, some individually.

Cleaned the fish pond.

Put license plate collection up.

Moved barrels to open up squirrel hunting. Put down a trap.

Took time to appreciate the flowers. 

Check out curly.All the variations of the Four O’clock plant.. I’m in awe. The scent is pure perfume.

Frank found homes from our last excavation in the desert..red lava, bottles..mingled it in with rocks and metal.

Headlights, railroad rails, railroad ties, railroad spikes.

Shadow is keeping eye out for bunnies and squirrels.

Took a break inside to polish silver. $5 find, plated silver fruit bowl. 

Back outside, taking stock of drought victims.

Mosey back to worm bed. Admiring last week’s work.

Still thinking about making it deeper. I’ll probably go down to double the depth. Make it easier to turn the compost and have a lot of wonderful nutrient rich soil.

Last two projects of the weekend involve Flex Seal, in a can. This PVC pipe goes from the driveway to the garden beds. I don’t want to use pvc glue, because I can smell the glue, in the water, for over 6 week’s after application. I don’t want that in my soil or food.

Used green scrub to scratch up the pipe, for adhesion. The paint dries on the quick side, so I moved as quickly as I could. If the  lid is left off too long, it will form skim. 

The mess is easy clean up. Wipes right off my hands. Use mineral spirits to clean the brush. Easy.

24-48 hour cure. Will be safe for drinking.

The TV commercial for Flex Seal advertises that you can dip tool handles in for nice, smooth grip. Putting it to the test. 

Exploding Water!

The heat. Gets so that I could only work in the yard by whatever area had shade.

No longer! Mom gave me a spare outdoor umbrella and stand. Made a huge difference today. Thanks Mom!


The existing drip system runs underground, through pvc, from the Bird of Paradise to the garden beds. I’ll modify that aspect later, as we got new outdoor water faucets installed.



I’m modifying the system further, at the bed sites, by replacing thin hosing with the standard drip hose. Running the hose to go up and over the edging of the bed, with spickots at each bed.


Having the spikots up and over the bed edge means I won’t have to¬† get on my knees to turn on or off water to a particular bed.

Four beds now have water to the beds. Turned on the water to test for leaks. Had four explosions.


Fixed those.

Next step, run tubing in the Iris bed. Poor plants..down to three in the bed.


To be continued…

Migraine Awareness Month & Drip System

June is Migraine Awareness Month. Here’s my 2 cents worth on the subject:

One of the things about having migraines is that nothing can get done in an orderly process. I can chip away at projects, but I can’t complete them in the same day. In addition, it can take me a very long time to figure out how I want to proceed in any project. My pain free time is limited, I want to be precise in my actions. “No time for dilly dally”, my Dad would say.

Tonight I linked garden beds #1 and #6 on the drip system.


Using compression elbow, for extra strength.



Next time I work on it, I’ll be linking #2 and #5. THEN I’ll be digging out bed #1 to begin the long awaited worm bed.

To be continued…

Bunnies and Worms

Took over a month to find a local source of rabbit droppings for the worm garden.

Next step in preparation for the worms:
*Block sun from east (using solid wood)
*Obtain shade cloth, to protect from western sun

*Dig dirt out of bed (cats used it)
*Prepare mulch for bed
*Finish drip system for the bed




Cut plywood to conform to bed size. Really like the little Rockwell hand saw.

Painted one side and one edge of the plywood.

To be continued…

Drip System Repair. First things first.


Worked on the drip system for the garden beds. Previous owner laid pvc pipe from west side of driveway to the beds. This inlet pipe was leaking, so I cut off the leaking part and glued on the repair.


Here is the other end of the laid pipe. To the left, it runs off to the beds. To the right is experimental.


The beds will have hose that runs up and out, so I won’t have to lean over too far to turn on/off any particular bed. Still needs refinement.

Checked on transplants. Doing ok. Will add mushroom mulch later.


Greenhouse plants look better. Need to find new homes for these. Are ready for planting into the soil.


Took a moment to enjoy the view.


Pecan tree on the right. Oak and tangerines on left and center. Still rationing water. Probably won’t have fruit to harvest again this year.

To be continued…