Start small.

I’m one who prepares for everything. I think big and have the patience to start small. In the terms of gardening, I’m frustrated.

I write a budget every month. Every month I think of how little I pay for the fresh food I buy, and how I’d enjoy it more if I picked it out of my garden. Financially.

We had company last week, my friend Rich Taub, came out to California with his daughter, Ava.

“Hi Rich!!” 33 years and counting!

As we toured the property, the bees attacked my German Shepherd, Hubby’s English Pointer, and Hubby. We weren’t close enough to the hive to impose a threat. The bees on our property have grown aggressive.

Video: Artistian Water is back!

The lift of the drought brought artistian water back! The tiny pond is serving as a watering home for the bees, but it is very close to the house. I’m crushed that I have to call an exterminator. It goes against my personal philosophy.

Here’s today’s work:

Four O’Clocks cleared out of targeted “worm bed”. I pulled most of the leaves off for the compost. The branches take too long to deteriorate, they will go out to the local “greens” pickup with the trash. The green that’s in the bed – that’s Four O’Clocks roots. I’m going to pot them and put them by our bedroom window. When they are bloomed, we’ll have their wonderful scent enhancing our sleep.

Here’s my Start Small: Lemon Verbena. Super delicious in infused water.

To be continued..


Upcycled Bird Feeder

I would like to bring bird activity closer to the house. I’ve been successful at bringing the hummingbirds closer, but am still waiting for THE BIRDS.

I had set up the bird bath. I added color and texture, plus put in some hay, which naturally keeps the water clean. I’ve seen one bee in the bird bath – who was wounded – that doesn’t really count.


Inspiration: The Garden Glove


Ceiling glass light cover, as is.


“Painted” with Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker.  Baked at 350° F for 1/2 hour to “set” the colors.


Rope fitting enhanced with Permatex Clear RTV silicone adhesive. Added extra adhesive to the tied knot.



Found these giant hooks at Dollar Store.



The finished project, filled with bird seed, hanging from the Bay Laurel the front door.


Good luck!

To be continued…