Digs Revealed

Close ups and descriptions of today’s excavation.

The pretty stuff first:

  • Roller skates
  • Pimento jar (with juice still inside!)
  • Broken plate
  • “Company size” ashtray
  • Stapler
  • Ice cream dish
  • Medicine bottle
  • Decorative metal (plant holder?)
  • Bottle

I’m impressed with ourselves to be able to dig up glass without breaking it. I even dug up a light bulb!

  • Glaze (old school car wax)
  • Feminine hygiene spray

  • Nice and big S-hook
  • Light bulb (in ashtray)
  • Wire, clothes hanger parts, and other metal that I can’t identify

The small thing between the glass jars is a fuse.

Stapler (rust mass in center).

Barbed wire and parts, with other broken metal bits.

Roller skate!!

Ice cream dish. Mom has a whole set in blue.

Like the bottle.

Medicine bottle. Has hash marks of measure.

Old man slipper. Didn’t find the other one.

Shovel head

Shovel handle and drill bit.

Don’t know. This is the upside down view. May be a feeder tray for chickens or ducks.

I’ll glue this back together and see what happens.

Super cool plant hanger. Don’t know where it’s going yet.

After the dig I had hubby run the metal detector over all the work we did today, and up to the previous dig I made early this year. APPEARS that we’ve cleared that portion, just below the shed.

To be continued..


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