Migraine Awareness Month & Drip System

June is Migraine Awareness Month. Here’s my 2 cents worth on the subject:

One of the things about having migraines is that nothing can get done in an orderly process. I can chip away at projects, but I can’t complete them in the same day. In addition, it can take me a very long time to figure out how I want to proceed in any project. My pain free time is limited, I want to be precise in my actions. “No time for dilly dally”, my Dad would say.

Tonight I linked garden beds #1 and #6 on the drip system.


Using compression elbow, for extra strength.



Next time I work on it, I’ll be linking #2 and #5. THEN I’ll be digging out bed #1 to begin the long awaited worm bed.

To be continued…


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