Drip System Repair. First things first.


Worked on the drip system for the garden beds. Previous owner laid pvc pipe from west side of driveway to the beds. This inlet pipe was leaking, so I cut off the leaking part and glued on the repair.


Here is the other end of the laid pipe. To the left, it runs off to the beds. To the right is experimental.


The beds will have hose that runs up and out, so I won’t have to lean over too far to turn on/off any particular bed. Still needs refinement.

Checked on transplants. Doing ok. Will add mushroom mulch later.


Greenhouse plants look better. Need to find new homes for these. Are ready for planting into the soil.


Took a moment to enjoy the view.


Pecan tree on the right. Oak and tangerines on left and center. Still rationing water. Probably won’t have fruit to harvest again this year.

To be continued…


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