D-fence and D-shed.

Last Thursday I just kind-of lost it.

I’ll have periods where I’m ignoring and pondering something on the property, and then all of a sudden, I get out the tools and “fix that dang thing, for once and for all!”

That day, it was the plants at the gate. While I was in a good mood, I attacked the shed door next.

The plants line the opening portion of the driveway, to the north-ish.  However, when I open the gate to get the car through, I always have to fight the plants a bit, to keep the gate open.

The electric hedge trimmer required four extension cords, from the house to the gate.  The trimmer came with the property.  I think the blades need sharpening, as the work took longer than expected.

I forgot to take the “before” photo.


There’s the mangling I did.


I can almost open the gate as wide as I want, but this is much better.

By the by, below is a short video of the coolest thing that Frank did to the gate. He fixes things so that they work with the least amount of effort.

Little Effort

The trimmer is stored in the shed.  The shed door gets hung up when it’s opened and closed.  I spent about an hour trimming the bottom of it..just right.  Used a cool tool that I bought with Mom at Harbor Freight (some guys tried to pick us up there – ha!).

See the stacked bricks at the bottom of the door?  I put them there to cover up the hole that the rats were working on.  I began applying wood putty to it, however it was going to take too long to build it. I had to leave that project and think about it more.

Yesterday Frank noticed the shed door opened easier.  He gave the door a quick fix of the hole that the rats have been working on. WHOO-HOO! It’s great when a marriage works like that.



To be continued…


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