Succulent and Nesting Material

This cute, little succulent is called “Haworthia Attenuata”.  The common name is Zebra Plant.  I like it because it’s small, and for a succulent, it’s colourful.  When it flowers, it projects a long, thin stem, from which a few teeny flowers pop out, which are also stripped.


My daughter, Erin, painted the small purple pot.  I only managed to get four separate plants from this group.

I had an idea to decorate the other box of nesting supplies, from the previous post, with melted marbles.  I located and sorted all the small ones that I have.  When I was deciding on which type of adhesive to use, the instructions suggested a bond onto a painted


..I painted the surface!


It’s a color that I had custom made for a portion of a wall in our living room.  I hadn’t seen it out of the can yet.  Sometimes it looks blue, other times it looks like lavender, depending on the lighting.

Next stage is gluing on the marbles.  I’m thinking of hanging a sort of beaded earing off of the sides of the handle.

To be continued..


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