Planting Cannas. Part 2 of 2. Winter Spring.

The native flowers came out this week. Up and down the freeway, you can see orange and yellow California Poppies.  This sight is only here for a few weeks.  It is my heart’s declaration of spring.

It rained yesterday. 1/10 of an inch.  That’s quite a lot for this drought driven period.  The birds are happy about it.  The squirrels announced it’s time to migrate closer to our house.

I checked out our plants that I planted in the last few days.  Most of the canna show promise. Those that have not popped up from the dirt yet, I’m keeping them where they are.


For the ones that have shown the greatest promise, I have moved their pots to dwell in the iris bed.


The canna rhizomes that I promised to plant elsewhere, have been planted. I had talked to my husband in deciding a suitable place that would be pleasant to the eye; when we walk out of the house. We decided that the ridge just beyond the firewood pile would be a suitable place.


I found that I can nurture a plant to death.  Thus, I decided to just scratch out a little hole and throw the rhizomes in there. Covering it up with the dirt, stamping on it, and placing a marker.


I moved on in my winter spring mood to clean out a couple of wooden pieces that I’m hoping the birds will use for nesting material.

One item is a hallowed log, with a hallowed knot on it’s side..I  a gift left from the property’s previous owner. What joy!


The other item has been constructed out of wood.  I found it here on the property, as is.

I dusted them both off, and in doing so noticed at the bottom of the constructed item had come loose.


I pulled out the old rusty nails and replace them with brand new shiny ones.


I tacked down the ends and put a little finesse to the hanger.



I placed “hallow” inside of a corner post.  Clever use of “negative space”.  Underneath it, you see the side of an old fuel pump, that hubby is going to restore.


“Constructed” is ready for for decoration.  I have to decide how. I’m going to research nesting material on Pinterest. I’m leaning towards red glitter.

To be continued..


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