I love sorting.  As far as simple jobs go, give me a messy room and I’ll sort out everything and get it looking better.  It’s kind of like doing the dishes.  Something that needs to be done and are given solitude to do it.

I got the pots sorted out.  The clay and ceramic ones I put in the garden patio area. 


The plastic ones are messy.  Haven’t decided quite where they belong yet.  I have to consider the rodents..Not to give them nesting area.


The “give aways” are of inferior plastic.  Too good to send to recycling, but might be perfect for someone else.


Where I had put the pots yesterday – I like the brick edgers, but there isn’t enough of any to put together in a conventional manner.  I priced them.  VERY expensive.  I’m not going to buy any to complete any circles.  I might find a way to make it work as is.


Frank cleaned up all the leaves and trash for me.


Plantings I get to do tomorrow:  succulents, popcorn tree seeds, calla lilies, and four o’clocks.


Check this out.  Mom let me dig these up at her house.  I just bunched them together and stuck them in the middle of this beautiful pot (from her friend Donnie, who moved out of state).  It’s filling out and looking great!



Feel good about how this day turned out.  Frankie and I are going to go to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner now.

To be continued..


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