Planting Cannas. Part 1 of 2.

We did go out to eat at the Mexican restaurant close to our home last night.  Pricy, but it seems that you can’t get out of any restaurant for under $30 these days. The food was very good though. Plus atmosphere.


I spent 1:35 minutes outside today. Damit got spooked by something, maybe a salamander..He insisted that something was “right there!”, but I overturned everything and didn’t find his spook.  That event exhausted him.  He’s in bed now.

I made my own potting mix.  I used 4 parts vermiculite, 8 parts cheap soil, 2 parts good soil, 4 parts mushroom mulch. The mix turned out good.  I keep it in a Rubbermaid® trash can.  It survives living outdoors.



Planting the cannas was tricky.  I’m not good at centering plants during transplant.  I was able to get a bunch of “babies” off of the root stalks – I planted a bunch of those in a couple of pots.  It was overwhelming, so I’m soaking the rest in water, to plant directly into soil tomorrow. I’ll walk around tonight and see if I can find a suitable place.




I’ll think about planting these tomorrow..The spiky succulent, the spiny succulent and popcorn tree seeds.


As promised, I filled a rodent hole (at the “New Picnic Area” with dog poop and dog hair.


To be continued..


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