Pots, pots, pots, and dirt.

I’ve begun a new habit of going outside for about 90 minutes a day.  I’m calling it migraine therapy, as the work is slow, quiet, and peaceful.

Today I cleared out all of the pots from the “New Picnic Area”.  I sorted out some that are broken (will recycle),


and sort of sorted the others.  Pun not intended.


There are mostly old glass bottles in the crates.  The previous owner used them to water a portion of the landscaping, while she was on short trips.  I’ve been thinking about a glass tree, but alas, of my dead tress, none are useable for this form of art.

I weeded out the grass.  Now I’m left with dirt, and some good squirrel holes. 


I’ll use the dirt to fill some odd squirrel paths. 


I’ll put pleasantly scented dog remains, mixed with Shadow’s German Shepherd dog hair, into the squirrel holes.  A proven “mighty powerful” squirrel relocation program technique.


Music video: Hole, by Jasmine Cain.

To be continued..



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