Pots and Water.

When we moved on to this property, it came with many things.  All the tools to take care of the property; shovels, rakes, drip irrigation supplies, pots (ceramic and plastic) for plants, et cetera.  It’s as if we were given a giant treasure chest.

We had some rain couple of weeks ago. I noticed the smell of stagnant water, so I decided to begin to clean up the area where the smell was coming from. The area where the pots are. Dogs are responsible for the parts being turned right side up. It’s a consequence of chasing mice.


It occurred to me that as that area is already laid with concrete, I could use that area for a picnic table. A picnic table and two picnic benches came with the property. They need to be “sturdied up” a bit, and maybe a coat of paint or two.


Naturally one of the dogs needed to roll himself in the stagnant water. Oh well, he got a bath.

I decided to separate the pots; the plastic from the clay. This is only a preliminary sorting at this time.


Check out (next photo) what I found on Pinterest.  I’m thinking this would work well. I like how the pots are stored and the good use of space.


The next photo is of the garden area, how it looks today.


Sure is pretty with all that green! Too bad that green isn’t actually food. Not to worry, one step forward.

To be continued..


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