False Winter in Southern California

It’s all about politics. You know how weird California is. We voted – decided we didn’t need winter this year. Brings in too much rain after the fires. I pruned the fruit trees, took down 2 dead trees, and began working on a dead tree straddling the fence between us and our wonderful neighbor. Used a pole saw (Thank you Mom!), regular and large clippers. roof that we declined winter: I should be a little sore tonight and tomorrow. Going back inside to drink more water. Fin!


Digging Up the Pipeline

A garden needs water. I want to have the water on an automatic system in order to water the plants on migraine days and days when we are away from home.

The previous owner laid a line that goes from the patio/driveway area to the garden bed area. We had new water lines laid out last year – I can now merge those lines.

Trimmed some live oak in my way. That looks like a bush. It’s all clippings.

Came across some big rocks. Some weigh as much as 20 pounds. Good exercise for the day.


Checked on the drip system line on the north side of the property. Since I had my clippers with me, I trimmed a bit there too. The delicate flowering tree to the right of the bridge.

To be continued..

Digs Revealed

Close ups and descriptions of today’s excavation.

The pretty stuff first:

  • Roller skates
  • Pimento jar (with juice still inside!)
  • Broken plate
  • “Company size” ashtray
  • Stapler
  • Ice cream dish
  • Medicine bottle
  • Decorative metal (plant holder?)
  • Bottle

I’m impressed with ourselves to be able to dig up glass without breaking it. I even dug up a light bulb!

  • Glaze (old school car wax)
  • Feminine hygiene spray

  • Nice and big S-hook
  • Light bulb (in ashtray)
  • Wire, clothes hanger parts, and other metal that I can’t identify

The small thing between the glass jars is a fuse.

Stapler (rust mass in center).

Barbed wire and parts, with other broken metal bits.

Roller skate!!

Ice cream dish. Mom has a whole set in blue.

Like the bottle.

Medicine bottle. Has hash marks of measure.

Old man slipper. Didn’t find the other one.

Shovel head

Shovel handle and drill bit.

Don’t know. This is the upside down view. May be a feeder tray for chickens or ducks.

I’ll glue this back together and see what happens.

Super cool plant hanger. Don’t know where it’s going yet.

After the dig I had hubby run the metal detector over all the work we did today, and up to the previous dig I made early this year. APPEARS that we’ve cleared that portion, just below the shed.

To be continued..

Could Have Broken a Leg!

When you have some land, a simple task can become an adventure! A frequent phrase (terse) in our home begins with “All I wanted to do..” and that is when I need to remember my gratitude.

Hubby and I went down to pull some dead wild grass and trim some tree branches. As I was walking down the hill from the shed, I noticed a deep hole – some plastic bag and landscape tubing was exposed.

When we finished pulling and trimming, I showed hubby the hole. He went into the house to get our neighbor’s metal detector while I began digging.

Found bottles, piping, barbed wire, clothes hangers, decorative metal work, an unbroken lightbulb, glass plates & bowl, tin squares – I think that’s all..

I’ll post more pics, after we’ve sorted and cleaned up stuff a bit. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying a root beer float.

To be continued..

Start small.

I’m one who prepares for everything. I think big and have the patience to start small. In the terms of gardening, I’m frustrated.

I write a budget every month. Every month I think of how little I pay for the fresh food I buy, and how I’d enjoy it more if I picked it out of my garden. Financially.

We had company last week, my friend Rich Taub, came out to California with his daughter, Ava.

“Hi Rich!!” 33 years and counting!

As we toured the property, the bees attacked my German Shepherd, Hubby’s English Pointer, and Hubby. We weren’t close enough to the hive to impose a threat. The bees on our property have grown aggressive.

Video: Artistian Water is back!

The lift of the drought brought artistian water back! The tiny pond is serving as a watering home for the bees, but it is very close to the house. I’m crushed that I have to call an exterminator. It goes against my personal philosophy.

Here’s today’s work:

Four O’Clocks cleared out of targeted “worm bed”. I pulled most of the leaves off for the compost. The branches take too long to deteriorate, they will go out to the local “greens” pickup with the trash. The green that’s in the bed – that’s Four O’Clocks roots. I’m going to pot them and put them by our bedroom window. When they are bloomed, we’ll have their wonderful scent enhancing our sleep.

Here’s my Start Small: Lemon Verbena. Super delicious in infused water.

To be continued..

This ‘n That

Big weekend. Hubby and I did some projects together, some individually.

Cleaned the fish pond.

Put license plate collection up.

Moved barrels to open up squirrel hunting. Put down a trap.

Took time to appreciate the flowers. 

Check out curly.All the variations of the Four O’clock plant.. I’m in awe. The scent is pure perfume.

Frank found homes from our last excavation in the desert..red lava, bottles..mingled it in with rocks and metal.

Headlights, railroad rails, railroad ties, railroad spikes.

Shadow is keeping eye out for bunnies and squirrels.

Took a break inside to polish silver. $5 find, plated silver fruit bowl. 

Back outside, taking stock of drought victims.

Mosey back to worm bed. Admiring last week’s work.

Still thinking about making it deeper. I’ll probably go down to double the depth. Make it easier to turn the compost and have a lot of wonderful nutrient rich soil.

Last two projects of the weekend involve Flex Seal, in a can. This PVC pipe goes from the driveway to the garden beds. I don’t want to use pvc glue, because I can smell the glue, in the water, for over 6 week’s after application. I don’t want that in my soil or food.

Used green scrub to scratch up the pipe, for adhesion. The paint dries on the quick side, so I moved as quickly as I could. If the  lid is left off too long, it will form skim. 

The mess is easy clean up. Wipes right off my hands. Use mineral spirits to clean the brush. Easy.

24-48 hour cure. Will be safe for drinking.

The TV commercial for Flex Seal advertises that you can dip tool handles in for nice, smooth grip. Putting it to the test.